Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Favorite GNRR Shots

Maybe not the best shot in the world, but I was inside the shop hanging out with the crew and you were somewhere else!  Click on photo to enlarge.  I'll build a model of this one day.

The Blue Ridge smokin' into town.

Tunnels of Trees near Holly Springs

Parked to rest for the night, right on the main line.

This is a NARROW GAUGE caboose from the original railroad, the Marietta & Knoxville.  It is inside the marble pits and serves as the office.  That is not snow on the ground, it's calcium carbonate.

White marble is everywhere, so might as well make a nice bridge out of it.  This is in Canton, GA.

My all time favorite!  Hanging out in the kudzu after a long, hot day.

The Turnip Town Trestle.  The longest and highest in Georgia, and it is curved.

This was my Christmas shot in the GNRR calender published many years ago.

Long shadows at the Tate depot.

Hard working Geep's...a bit long in the tooth.

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