Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Airplane Time

While Delta holds me captive for hours on end refusing to give me more than 24 peanuts at a time, I invest the time in designing layouts.  My trip to Detroit (snow) and back gave me 3 hours of total thought time, minus a small argument with a bone head behind me that was playing his stereo too loud.

My big question for Jackson's layout is "can I get it all in and if I can't what gets dropped?"  Big question.  There are a lot of good features on the layout.  One thing to consider is a good mix of traffic.  There are a ton of industries that take tank cars so you don't want to be just tank cars running around.  The Nelson Marble Cutting operation is back up and running.   It doesn't take rail cars, but it is so cool to see the train run right through the middle of a business with all that white dust and stone.

I'm getting a good trackplan in my head now, but need to finish the drawing of the room and check it out.  I NEVER start drawing without the dimensions being thoroughly checked.  But we'll start soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Dimensions

Over about three or four phone calls tonight I've gotten all the dimensions that I need for the layout.  I'll start finalizing these this week and produce a drawing.  Then I'll buzz over to I.D.'s house and we'll check them together.


Even the best people with the best measuring tools make mistakes measuring a room.  I've made mistakes.  Use two people, make the drawing and use different people to check it.  I'll carry a buddy with me.

Then we can draw!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Towns on the GNRR

Towns on the GNRR from South to North

Elizabeth (Interchange with CSX)
Holly Springs
Ball Ground
Tate (Yard and Loco Servicing
Talking Rock
East Ellijay
Cherry Log
Blue Ridge
Murphy Junction
Copper Hill

What did I miss????

Map of the Georgia Northeastern

The Old GNRR Passenger Car Office

This passenger car (which is probably still on the line somewhere) was the office for the GNRR for many years until they built the block office.  Can anyone tell me what kind of car it is so that I. D. can model it?


Rick Coble Photo

Chat with I. D. Jackson

Questions for I. D. - answers with a *
Per telephone call on 1/11/10

Did you actually build a DCC layout? To completion?
*  No, just a DC layout.  Group is DCC savvy.  No on signalling.  Ops is not that big of deal.

I can't read your top 10 things you want on the layout
*   He'll resend them to me tomorrow

Do you really want CTC for the trains? Railroad And Company
* GNRR no.  Maybe in the future for the CSX.

The door to the extra room. Does it swing in or out?
*Swings in to the train room, as does the garage doors.

Review basement dimensions
*  He will get answers to my circled items

What is the length of the right hand rooms?
*  He will get answers to my circled items

Are there any windows?
*  There are no windows in the basement

What is the ceiling height?
* 9' 1 1/2"  There is no ceiling.  Lights are in.  No ceiling.  Most is covered by duct work.

The door to the train room, swing right or left?
* swings in to right

The 20' wall in the Extra Room doesn't match the opposite wall.
* Re-measure and get me the new calculations

Additional conversation:

He would use tortoise machines for inaccessible or congested turnouts but wants ground throws for most everything.

He wants to model the GNRR Passenger Car Office but doesn't know what kind of car it is.

Model year is anywhere from 1980 to present

He's flexible with the bench depth and would like for me to design benchwork that is quickly installed to get him up and running as fast as possible.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Note from I. D.


you don't need to ask me any questions? did get the measurement for the garage side of the basement and the height but forgot, been so long ago. i'll have to do it again. i am currently thinking of 16" shelves for lower and 12" upper.  this cuts down on scenery. just enough for structure and track, this will make track for the front or back. it will look like modular, but against wall. can make wider as needed, yard, or big scene.  well i am retired and home most the time day or night and answer machine.

questions for you!
thinking- 10-15 years layout can be easy removed.
the 10 page sheets i sent you, my machine said 9 was sent?  missing?
close or move door between front and back garage?
distance between modules?
how many peninsulas will work?
probable 2 months til build, still have some sheet rock to install and floor repaired in 10x20 room. will be upgrading my circuit breaker panel also.
1x3 construction, sandply, with (foam-ceiling tile-homosode)?  top.
will be putting down 1x1 adhesive tile, ceiling will be open ceiling fiberglass joist.  screwed ballast lights to joist.

enough to contemplate